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Our offer of the electro-works

  •  We provide high-voltage wiring, which include everything from residential wiring, lighting, assembly, wiring in residential, office and industrial buildings.
  • Low-voltage wiring (TV-distribution systems, intrusion detection, fire, intercom, etc.)
  • Inspection of electrical installations and devices for low-voltage (1000 V)
  • Revision of conductors
  • Revision and control of electric hand tools during use according CSN 33 1600 ed.2

Pohotovost elektro

Pohotovost, poruchy elektro 24hod a 7 dní. Obvykle vyjíždíme  do 30min.

VOLEJTE 603 882 888

Revize elektro

Revize elektro, bytů, domů, podnikatelských prostor, hromosvodů.

VOLEJTE 603 882 888